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Investment Opportunities

Job Opportunities

  • Industry Jobs - CannaJobs Directory
    • Work @ an up & coming business
      • To Do
        • Find best businesses currently hiring + chart trends of which types of jobs will be created during specific phases of legalization
        • Compile a directory of all cannabis job listing websites
    • Independent entrepreneurship as a sole supplier, distributor or retail sales outlet
      • To Do
        • Compile a list of all self-managed jobs available in the industry
    • Expanding your single person business into a company
      • To Do
        • Compile a list of places where interested people are networking to create new businesses

    GOOD NEWS! The government has now enacted laws to allow public solicitation for investments. We plan on taking advantage of this budding opportunity by outlining the direct private investment opportunities that are available. If no centralized place for the industry emerges, we will launch CannabisKickstart.com to help fund these businesses (not launched yet).

  • http://motherboard.vice.com/blog/crowdfunding-is-about-to-go-bananas
    • "under the new provision—part of the 2012 federal JOBS Act—anyone who needs funding for a business venture will be able to market private share offerings publicly, using social media, websites, newspaper ads, billboards, and whatever other means they have at their disposal."
Last Updated: 03/24/2014 - 4:51pm