Finding $ To Invest With

Methods to fund your brokerage account coming soon! (+ public voting & comments)


  • Borrow from a friend or family member (guarantee that you cover the losses but they share in the profits)
  • Get a credit card for day-to-day expenses and use available cash to invest (use extra Due Diligence)
  • Get a loan (this allows the new creation of money from the Federal Reserve, so loans are sometimes easier to get than multiple credit cards & are available at lower interest rate. Credit Unions are better than banks for loans).
  • Sell off property (ideally stuff that you can always buy back later)
  • Work extra hours at an hourly job
  • Crowdsourced tasks (Amazon Mechanical Turk, etc.)
  • more coming soon


This section of the site was started because someone emailed me and asked me for $5000 for free. I do not have money to hand out right now (& if I did it would be through non-porfit organizations) and am a full-time web designer. I would suggest that everyone learn a valuable skill that gets paid better than the majority of other skills, then combine this hard-work produced spark of funds with the other methods listed above to get enough $ to invest with. Get enough $ to be able to Trade Free for 60+ days. Working hourly and making special deals for $ is only the first goal of sustainability. The 2nd is to invest your funds and make your money work for you. If you do enough Due Diligence, then your hard-earned funds should be making more per hour than you would if you were being paid to complete specific tasks/ hourly work with the valuable skill that you learned to start everything off with. When your $ starts making more per hour than you can, it is time to become a full-time investor. It is everyones dream to travel the planet & do whatever you  want, while still being young. The Hemp & Cannabis Industries represent a chance for a lot of people to reach this dream. I wish you the best of luck. Instead of asking me for handouts, get your friends and family members to work together or to even contribute to this section of the website, because then it will be easier for everyone to find the intial funds to start off their investing career during this most valuable time in history.

Last Updated: 03/18/2014 - 12:55pm